We cannot and we do not want to make it alone


For our mission to succeed we need a team.

Your generosity can make a differcence.

You have the possibility to invest in the vision by supporting our family.



Thierry et Bianka Chevalley 

N° de compte : 0010360980

BLZ : 66050101 

Sparkasse Karlsruhe 

IBAN : DE89 6605 0101 0010 3609 80



the team

For the past 10+ years we have committed our lives to worship and prayer as fulltime occupation, to see Jesus lifted up and loved in the nations. The Lord always made clear that this would be our primary calling wherever we would go ; to stand before his throne of grace, declaring his beauty.

Throughout church history and especially in Europe, the kingdom of God advanced through worship and prayer. God raised prayer centers, where men and women devoted their life to prayer to see the transformation power of God being release on their continent. We strongly believe that God wants to do it again and that he called us to partner with Him to pioneer a House of Prayer in Switzerland – to revive the ancient well that brought so much light to a continent that was in deep darkness.

 Today Europe stands in a similar situation as in centuries past. Deep darkness covers the continent but God wants to make his light shine again. In a time where Europe faces the giants of Islam and humanism, God is stirring his Church to stand before him in prayer, declaring the beauty of His Son to a dying continent. We as a family feel honored to participate in this great mission.

 Therefore, I am asking you to consider before the Lord in prayer to become part of our financial partnership team, helping us to see the name of Jesus being exalted and loved once again in Europe. We take this calling very seriously, knowing that Europe and Switzerland really matters in God’s heart. For this reason, we would like to extend to you this invitation to sow financially into the harvest in Europe.

Thank you for your generosity

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